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Courses at Rosebud School of the Arts are divided into eight disciplines:
ART Visual Arts
FLM Film

GEN General
INT Interdisciplinary
MKT Marketing
MUS Music
REL Religion
THR Theatre

Course Numbers
The first digit indicates the year in which the student usually completes the course:
1 = Theatre Foundations (first year)
2 = Mentorship Level 1 (second year)
3 & 4 = Mentorship Level 2 and 3 (third and fourth year)

The second digit indicates the principal method of instruction:
0 = Workshops
1-2 = Theory-oriented learning using lecture, seminars, and discussion
3-5 = Practice-oriented learning using hands-on training and activity-based instruction
6-9 = Application of learning through practicums, independent projects, comprehensive exams, and applied studies

The third digit indicates sequence

Course Comparison
Comparable courses in different disciplines use the same course numbers.
Example: THR 240 Acting Coaching
MUS 240 Vocal Music Performance

Comparable courses in different majors use the same first digit and third digit. The second digit changes.
Example: THR 361 Production Practicum – 3 credits
THR 371 Performance of a Role – 3 credits

Courses that build on each other retain the second digit and in some cases, the third digit. Only the first digit changes.
Example: THR 130 Acting Foundations
THR 230 Topics in Acting
THR 330 Advanced Topics in Acting

Credit Value
Credits are based on the amount of time students are expected to spend on their courses. Each credit unit involves a minimum amount of class time in addition to assignments students are expected to complete outside of class. The amount of time required for each credit unit depends on the type of course offered. Rosebud School of the Arts recognizes three different types of courses:

Credit values are calculated as follows:
1 credit
Lecture-based: minimum 14 hrs. instruction + 28 hrs. homework, including a final exam
Studio-based: minimum 20 hrs. instruction + 20 hrs. homework, including a final presentation
Practicums: minimum 40 hrs. hands-on application without homework

3 credits
Lecture-based: minimum 42 hrs. instruction + 84 hrs. homework, including a final exam
Studio-based: minimum 60 hrs. instruction + 60 hrs. homework, including a final presentation
Practicums: minimum 120 hrs. hands-on application without homework

6 credits
Studio-based: minimum of 120 hrs. instruction per term + 120 hrs. homework
Practicums: minimum 240 hrs. hands-on application