The complete professional theatre training programme at RSA requires a 4 year commitment (Theatre Foundations - 1 year and Mentorship - 3 years). In that time students engage in conservatory style training that focuses on acting, movement, voice and body work, and are encouraged to find their own authentic expression; one where their own individuality is highlighted. Their individual authentic voice is what RSA graduates are known for. Our rural setting allows more focus to be put on the development of student's individual expression with the hope of providing unique passionate voices that are relevant to theatres within Alberta and across Canada. Our goal is to train story-tellers willing to engage and explore material that covers the variety of mandates expressed by the wide spectrum of theatres in the province and beyond.

COVID-19 update: Rosebud School of the Arts is fortunate to resume in-person classes as we are forming our own cohort under the guidance of Alberta Health.  This allows us greater freedom while maintaining care with distance, hygiene, sanitation and group work. Please continue to check Rosebud School of the Arts current guidelines for COVID.

This section offers information about the different training programmes available at Rosebud School of the Arts, from a four-month exploration to a four-year credential, from programmes that offer a taste of all art forms to apprenticeship opportunities with a specialized focus.

In all of RSA’s programmes, you will discover that theatre training is about more than theatre. When a student navigates their way through the rigours and challenges of training, they go through a process of self-discovery that invites them to examine who they are, why they have been put on the planet, and what it is they are truly meant to do. They discover who they are in the context of the wider world, who they are in relationship to their fellow human beings, and who they are in the big picture of God’s kingdom.

These elements are necessary to becoming great storytellers, and this process inevitably leads to a transformation that stays with graduates forever. These graduates then go on to plant the seeds for further transformation in the communities where they live and work.

RSA is a guild school, and the RSA Guild is made up of Fellows (graduates) who are committed, passionate and fiercely loyal. RSA guild members are storytellers with a deep faith in God. Through their story-breathed lives, they bring about cultural change in Alberta, Canada, and beyond.

Be Transformed. Transform Culture.

Video of Movement Foundations

Video of Theatre 359

RSA Mandate

To provide arts training within a community of faith-based artists where students are inspired to become catalysts for transformation in our world.

Unique Features:

  • Every year RSA students travel to New York City & Toronto or London (England), and Canada's West Coast to immerse themselves in theatre, workshops, and tours in addition to monthly theatre trips to Calgary.
  • Advanced students apprentice with Rosebud Theatre.
  • Students train in an inclusive community of Christian artists, each receiving personalized guidance, mentoring, and practical training to prepare them for a career in the performing arts.
  • RSA is nestled in a tranquil river valley where inspiration abounds and students are challenged in their life-long journey of integrating faith and art.https://youtu.be/CO1cAJ8SaZg