Open Studies

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Open Studies - Short Term Studies

Open Studies is designed for participants whose educational or professional goals would benefit from training in Rosebud, but whose needs cannot be fulfilled through one of our other existing programmes. Open Studies can be as short as a 4-month term, an 8-month school year, or an extended 12-month period.

Each participant in Open Studies follows a custom designed educational plan. Participants pay tuition only for those classes and practicum experiences that are deemed suitable to their goals. In addition, work experience within Rosebud Theatre, Hospitality, or other associated endeavors usually forms part of the programme. Completion of Open Studies is based on course grades and evaluations from relevant supervisors.

International students can benefit from training at RSA through a 4-month Open Studies programme which fits within the parametres of a Visitor's Visa to Canada.

Course Curriculum

A selection of course work from Courses - Rosebud School of the Arts

Admission Requirements

High School diploma, successful application, including a talent assessment, interview, and an RSA Weekend if possible.