Be transformed. Transform culture.
RSA is a Canadian faith-based theatre school that challenges you to be transformed by a journey of discovery in a community of working artists. Join us and be courageously transformed through the highs and lows of faith and artistic endeavours.
  • Be transformed by the rigorous demands of training your body, voice, mind and spirit.
  • Be transformed by living intentionally in community alongside fellow students, visiting artists, instructors and mentors.
  • Be transformed by honestly embracing your fears, successes, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Be transformed by hope as a believer or as a person of integrity searching in a confusing world.
Above all be transformed by the adventure of an artist capable of vast creation so you can generously give to a world in need of powerful informed voices.
An application marks the beginning of your exploration into what our school offers. In this section you can find information about our application process and an invitation to attend an RSA Weekend. An RSA Weekend is a few days for you to live and learn at RSA so that you can make the most informed decision possible. An RSA Weekend can happen at almost any time of the year. For more information, contact the Recruitment Officer at