Maki Van Dyke

Registrar, Instructor in Theatre History

Maki serves as Rosebud’s registrar in addition to facilitating many theoretical-based courses. Maki has been instrumental in revisioning the education programme, translating Rosebud’s unique apprenticeship style training to a standardized post-secondary framework and negotiating key transferability agreements. She is a scheduling wizard, creating space for education in and around the demands of a thriving theatre season.

As an instructor, Maki is best known for theatre history classes, where an exploration of the story of theatre informs the larger stories of peoples and cultures. Seeing students contribute their skills and experience to current artmaking is one of the highest rewards.

Acting highlights include The Bear (Robinson Prod.), Our Town, The Miracle Worker, Footprints of a Pilgrim (Rosebud), The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (RSA), Crips Against the Law of Gravity (Concrete), Craving (Fire Exit), Riddle of Refuge (Fireside).