Discover the Spirit

The Spirit of God is loving, caring, compassionate and kind – and yet, at the same time, wild, bold, extravagant, unpredictable and passionate. The Spirit is at home in Rosebud, bounding through the coulees like a lion and touching hearts with every pounce.

Regardless of your background, you will discover and experience the Spirit of God in a way that you never have before. The artists in Rosebud recognize that their deepest source of inspiration springs from their relationship with Christ and have found the arts to be a powerful vehicle for expressing faith. It is through the arts that the creativity of the Spirit can be revealed, becoming Light in a darkened world, serving as Salt of the earth.

But Rosebud School of the Arts is not only for Christians. If your spirit longs for a place to call home, Rosebud may be it. Rosebud is a place for people who seek out truth, who want to live in love, and yearn for a spiritual home in the compassionate heart of God.

Rosebud School of the Arts is an open-faith community that welcomes people from a broad range of traditions. RSA's mission is to challenge students in the lifelong journey of integrating faith and art, and our chapel sessions are part of thiscommitment.

Chapel takes place one hour per week and usually features one of these three themes:

Worship Arts: The themes from the Christian calendar are used as a basis for readings, music, poetry, scripts, stories, etc. as an artistic expression of faith and worship.

Taizé: These chapels are based upon scripture readings, songs, and quietly seeking God’s Spirit. Taizé services end in Communion.

Faith Journey: Times of praise and worship that feature faith stories of staff, students, guests.

Church Attendance
Students are encouraged to fellowship in a local church.The Rosebud Church, affiliated with the Evangelical Covenant Church, is a strong supporter of the school. The church offers a true community church experience with many different denominations represented in its members and plenty of opportunity for participation in worship and ministry.

There are also churches affiliated with various denominations in Carbon, Drumheller, Rockyford, Standard, and Strathmore.