As a not-for-profit charitable organization Rosebud School of the Arts relies heavily on the generous support of the Guardians of Education and the Angels of Rosebud. This necessity of this support is critical as RSA does not receive any public education dollars from government. Tuition covers less than half of what it actually costs to train a student at Rosebud School of the Arts. The balance is made up through a combination of donations and a portion of Rosebud Theatre ticket sales.

Rosebud School of the Arts exists “to enrich lives by expressing God’s gifts of creativity, hope, joy, forgiveness, and love through the arts.” And RSA grads are indeed becoming “catalysts for transformation in our world” but we cannot do it alone. We need your help, commitment and passion. RSA students are a solid investment and your “rate of return” will be exponential and you will receive innumerable dividends.

So Please Join Us!
Become a Guardian of Education or an Angel of Rosebud and support the students at Rosebud School of the Arts as they make a difference in their own lives and lives of those around them. Please mark your donation as either Scholarships, Study Trips, Capital Fund, Teaching Resources or General Donations.

You may donate to Box 654 Rosebud, AB T0J 2T0 or CLICK TO DONATE.

If you would like to talk to someone about setting up an annual scholarship in someone’s honour, please email

Thank you for your belief, your passion, and your generosity.