On-Campus Employment
During the fall term, students have the opportunity to earn money in hospitality and other areas of the organization. Education schedules are designed to accommodate these opportunities. During the winter term, hospitality shifts become available in April (no shifts from January to March). Due to the work load of our programmes, students are advised to work 8 hours per week but no more than 12 hours. Employment generally covers students’ grocery budget, but not rent and other expenses.
Sample Positions
The following are some examples of available positions for student employment: dining room serving, dish-washing, food preparation, gift shop assistant, dinner music ensemble, facilities clean-up, front desk, coat check, grounds maintenance. Paid positions are not guaranteed and work hours will vary from week to week depending on the work available.
Job applications are made during the first week of school by submitting a letter of interest and work resume to the area supervisor. Students who show appropriate interest, skill, and work ethic will be offered hourly paid positions.
Proserve Certification
Servers in the Mercantile Dining Room are required to have Proserve Certification. Certification can be obtained by taking a test on-line at proserve.aglc.ca. The minor cost for taking the test is borne by the employee.
Theatre Duties
Students do not receive pay when performing or working on a show for credit; however, students in Mentorship Level 2 & 3 are eligible to receive a BMO Production Award for involvement in Rosebud Theatre. The criteria for receiving these awards are merit, work ethic, and value to the department.
Criminal Record Check
Everyone who works at RSA or Rosebud Theatre needs a criminal record check, including students. That’s because at some point in the programme, students will be working with minors. Ideally, the criminal record check is  completed at one’s local RCMP. The RCMP likes to see a government issued ID card. There may be a small fee for the service—this cost is born by the student.