Student Housing 

Certificate students and students new to Rosebud are assigned a room in rental suites in the hamlet, while senior students usually make their own arrangements for accommodation. These rental suites are privately owned and managed by a landlord, and shared by two to six people. RSA makes an effort to ensure Certificate students live in suites designated by gender. Each suite is complete with kitchen, bathroom and laundry facilities. Unless otherwise specified, bedrooms are furnished with a bed, a dresser, and a desk. Students need to bring linen, bedding, and personal effects. Residents share a kitchen and cook their own meals (basic cooking utensils are provided).

Although RSA does not own or operate student housing, the Student Life Manual outlines specific rules about students living together that we expect all RSA students to follow.

During the 2017-18 school year, rental rates in Rosebud run approximately $400- $500 per month. Some landlords will ask the students to pay with post-dated cheques and also charge a damage deposit. Rent usually includes utilities and internet, but not telephone service.