Health Services
There are hospitals, day clinics (phone ahead for appointment) and pharmacies in Drumheller, Three Hills and Strathmore. The nearest hospital is located in Drumheller, 35 km. northeast of Rosebud.

Medical Emergencies
The student life advisor may be contacted in case of a medical emergency. Supervisors of the Mercantile Dining Room and Stage Managers have first aid certification. The 911 service is available in the Rosebud area.
Students outside the Province
Students from other provinces and countries are encouraged to continue their provincial/national medical coverage and should be able to provide their medical insurance identification number when they visit health services.
The physical and mental demands of classroom and performance work should not be underestimated. Students must note on their application any special needs or limitations and give an accurate account of their medical and psychological history, so that the Rosebud staff can make appropriate accommodation. Experience has demonstrated that applicants who inform of us of their needs up-front generally experience little trouble during the school year and are successful in their studies. Applicants who try to “down-play” their condition do not fare as well. Rosebud School of the Arts expects truthful communication. You are assured that your needs will be treated with respect and confidentiality.

Transportation to Medical Appointments

If a student is driven to a medical appointment by a third party, the student is expected to reimburse the driver according to RSA transportation rates ($10 Drumheller, $28 Strathmore or Three Hills, $52 Calgary). In the event that a student does not pay the driver (e.g. a medical emergency), RSA will pay the driver and invoice the student.


Counseling Programme

The Counselling Programme facilitates professional counselling for RCA students, staff and their families. RCA providesmfacilities and travel expenses for registered psychologist to come to Rosebud on a regular basis. RCA subsidizes counselling fees to a certain amount for clients not covered under a health care plan. Subsidy is available for appointments with the RCA

sponsored counselor, or appointments made with a counselor of the client’s choice. Travel costs incurred by the client are not covered. RCA subsidizes $40 of the cost of a counselling session to a maximum of 6 sessions ($240) per student per academic year.