Music Performance


Mentorship Music Performance


Mentorship in Music Performance, places a strong emphasis on performance. The unique opportunity that we offer is multiple performances over a long run (eg. a show or dinner music) which teach something deeper than what a single recital or concert can teach; the successful student will find that they learn to speak their true heart and character through their musical voice. These opportunities extend themselves also to those interested in Music Direction, Composition and Arranging. The course of study centres around choir, theatre productions, dinner music ensembles; it also includes Harmony, History, Analysis, and Private Lessons.

Courses and practicums in level 2 & 3 of the Music Performance programme are adjusted to suit the specific needs and abilities of the student. The focus is on musical production for the Opera House, such as assistant sound design and assistant music directing. Students are given leadership responsibilities in areas such as dinner music, chapel, choir, and other musical and performance opportunities that frequently come up in this vibrant artistic community. To graduate, all students, regardless of their major instrument, must complete a Grade 3 (RCM) piano exam. A self-produced final recital at a Grade 8 (RCM) level completes the program.