RSA Grads Take Flight

RSA alumni Aaron Krogman and Cassia Schramm in rehearsal for Rosebud Theatre The Gifts of the Magi.
Two of the busiest acting grads in the province are from Rosebud School of the Arts. Cassia Schramm and Aaron Krogman have had no problem staying busy and keeping the creative juices flowing since completing their theatre training at RSA.
Aaron graduated in 2008 and since then has done no less than six Rosebud Theatre shows as a guest artist; Gifts of the Magi marks his seventh! Aaron also acted in an independent production of David French’s A Soldier’s Heart at the EPCOR Centre in Calgary, and a powerful new production about human trafficking called She Has A Name which is now in the planning stages of a North American tour. “It’s crazy...but awesome! I’m so pleased to be living this kind of life in the arts. I don’t have a home, but that’s just fine for right now.” Aaron says with a smile.
Having just graduated this past September, Cassia is already busy touring theatre to schools with two shows, The Amazing Adventures of Clara & Jacques and Justice For Breakfast. She spends a lot of time on the road. Brimming with excitement Cassia says, “It’s a blessing to actually be a working artist. It’s a crazy thing to be able to say “I’m an actor”...because it’s true. It’s such a blast!” Gifts of the Magi promises to be the first of many Rosebud Theatre shows in Cassia’s professional career.
Not only are Aaron and Cassia fantastic actors and singers, but interestingly they are both recording artists as well. Cassia’s first album Let the Music In was released in May of this year, and Aaron’s first album will be coming out towards the end of the year.
Taking lead roles in Gifts of the Magi this Christmas, these two rising stars are sure to steal your heart. Watch for them in the years ahead; another example of how Rosebud School of the Arts is transforming the face of culture in our world one graduate at a time.